Kitchen Design Services

Calgary Cabinet Depot uses the lasted in kitchen design technology to produce accurate and visual 3D drawings of your new kitchen layout using the 20/20 design software.  We pride ourselves in given personal attention to all customer requests and changes in order that you end up with a great looking kitchen.

Calgary Cabinet Depot is pleased to offer you two different types of Design Services as follows:

Free Design Service

The first service is a Free Service where you providing the initial measurements of your kitchen, click here to find out how to properly measure your kitchen.  After we receive your kitchen measurements by fax or email, we will give you an initial 20/20 kitchen design for budgetary purposes.  You then will have an opportunity to confirm the design. When you want to proceed, you will be required to pay deposit which is 100% refundable.  At this point, one of our kitchen designers will come out to your home to accurately measure your kitchen, confirm the design and make any final changes required.  Once the design is confirmed then the cabinets are ordered and the installation date is scheduled. 

In Home Design Service.

The second service is an “In Home” Design Service for an upfront cost of $250.00.  With this service you will get 2 hour of professional design and consultation in the comfort of your own home. In addition, the designer will make all the kitchen measurements for you and create a custom kitchen layout to your liking.  You will also receive a complete 20/20 kitchen design with all floor plan, cabinet sizes and 3D 20/20 design layouts.   The design is yours to keep and do with what you like.   We will also give you our best price for the new kitchen at this time as well.  If you wish to proceed with purchasing your new kitchen with Calgary Cabinets then we will require a 50% down payment in order to proceed. The designer will reconfirm all the drawings and design with you and then schedule your installation date.


How to Measure Your Space. Put the following information on the Grid Sheet using the example below:

1)     Start measuring from the corner shown in the drawing.
2)     Measure total length of all walls corner to corner.
3)     Indicate the location and sizes of the doors and windows. Include individual corner to window/door sill dimensions.
4)     Indicate door swings and location of the electrical plugs and the center line of sink. Include waterline and floor drain locaton.
5)     Confirm the room height and locaton of drop ceiling and bulk heads.
6)     Indicate appliance locations and sizes on the chart below.

Please click HERE to download and print it out – "How to Measure Your Space"

Please click HERE to download and print it out – "Draft Sheet"

After you wrote down as much as information on Draft Sheet, you can Fax or E-mail back to us.